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This page features historical romance written by my alter-ego Geri Borcz.




Kindle edition, ​ASIN: B0050DZHUA


Jamie Donovan's future depends on driving a valuable herd of cattle from Texas to Montana, and dangerously attractive Nick Colter is the best drover to be had.  Jamie wants him riding by her side, but she hadn't figured that Colter would want her, too - in his bed.



Nick can't deny he needs the money Jamie's job offer will earn him, but he definitely doesn't need the trouble she will surely cause. When his graphic depiction of life on the trail doesn't scare her off, he's certain his demand for one night in her arms will. But he hadn't counted on Jamie's passionate determination - or his own sudden need to claim her love.



Love and Glory 

Kindle edition, ASIN: B006UJ2JS6


Five years after a shootout left Glory Carpenter injured and her uncle dead, she has come back to Tombstone, Arizona, to reclaim the only home she's ever known. Only one thing stands in her way: a legendary gunslinger named Johnny Love who owns the other half of her family's ranch.


Johnny's determined to find Glory a respectable husband, except he doesn't count on his sudden desire for her, or his growing need to be by her side. Walking away from a fight in Tombstone won't be easy, especially when a friend named Wyatt Earp asks for Johnny's help, unless Glory can show Johnny just how much he's gambling on his gun.

Rambling Rose

Kindle edition, ASIN: B005BZKWGG


Roselyn O'Neill's mother is in trouble again, and to get her out of it, Roselyn must retrieve a stolen pouch of jewels. It seems a simple task until Roselyn meets former Texas Ranger Madsen Bold.


Madsen doesn't take kindly to swindlers or cheats - even when they're disguised in as tempting a package as Roselyn. He's promised a friend to find the missing diamonds, but getting Roselyn off the scent is no easy task. Soon Madsen finds himself saddled with the unlikeliest partner he could have imagined. Trouble is, every minute spent with her makes him ache for more . . .

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